Time Building

Country Club Plaza, in Kansas City, Missouri, is the first outdoor shopping center in the world that was designed to accommodate shoppers arriving by automobile. With 15 blocks of high-end retail establishments, restaurants, entertainment venues and offices in Kansas City’s favorite district, this popular local destination was established in 1922 by J.C. Nichols.

The center’s architecture features classic European influences, especially those of Seville, Spain. In 2017, the Time Building needed a reroof and complete tear-off job. Given the heavy foot traffic, the main challenge was setting up and staging the job at a busy outdoor shopping center. Safety and convenience of shoppers had to be considered at each stage, so the project needed to be set up during off peak shopping hours of the early morning. The sidewalk and road also had to be closed off and temporarily barricaded to hoist materials.

According to building engineers, Derbigum has been the obvious choice of the Plaza for many years because the company is a local manufacturer and DERBIGUM has successfully performed keeping the Plaza buildings watertight.

The scope of work for the project required a full tear off to the concrete deck, new Roxul insulation and a two-ply modified Derbigum Roof System. The building’s original roof was Coal Tar Pitch (CTP) with aggregate surfacing. Contractor Kaw Roofing and Sheet Metal used Derbibase Ultra and Derbicolor GP FR (red granules) for the roofing system. Derbibase Ultra was applied first. It is a high quality 3.0 mm (120 mil) smooth surfaced APP Modified Bitumen Roofing Membrane designed as a base or ply sheet. Derbicolor GP FR was applied last. It is a high quality 4.5 mm (180 mil) granule surfaced UL Class A fire-resistant APP Modified Bitumen Roofing Membrane.

Derbigum’s exclusive blend of APP (atactic polypropylene) polymers and select asphalts enhances the weathering capabilities and UV resistance of the membrane. Derbibase Ultra’s water-proof base ply and Derbigum’s Derbicolor GP FR proven 30-year in place performance history made them the easy product choices for the project. The Time Building roof project was a success completed over a two-month period.